Month: July 2013

Gray Paint on Walls


I’ve recently fallen in love with gray paint on walls. There are as many different grays as there are grains of sand and I’m discovering that they can create as many different types of rooms. A gentle dove gray can make a bedroom quieting and peaceful; a medium gray with earthy undertones can make the family room a comforting gathering place. In a studio apartment, I tried urban medium/dark gray with pearly white trim and found a sophisticated yet flexible combination, which is a must in a room that is your bedroom, living room, and dining room wrapped into one! In the epic search that ensued for the perfect gray for this difficult space, I stumbled across some really great grays that I’m going to keep in my arsenal of good colors for interior walls (and one for furniture makeovers!). They are listed below with brief descriptions:

(all of these are Behr brand paint in a matte finish – it’s my favorite brand of paint and it does a great job)

suede gray – the color pictured in the studio apartment above, dark gray, but not oppressive, masculine and established.

porpoise – gorgeous light gray, light reflecting and chic, the perfect gray for someone testing the waters of gray walls.

amazon stone –  a LOT of gray/brown tones, quite dark, good to create a warm looking room with lots of light colored furniture.

creek bend -a warm medium toned gray, looks good with black and/or white furniture.

dark graphite – elegant med/dark gray with cool tonality, no warm undertones, best for use on furniture rather than on walls.


Greek Salad


Greek salad is light, healthy, and fast to make (words not usually associated with amazing taste), yet is packed with flavor from sprinkles of feta, black olives, and fresh basil. I picked up a purple basil plant from my local Home Depot a few weeks ago and it yields a traditional basil flavor with bright peppery notes, perfect for use in summer salads. The cucumber is sliced on the diagonal for nicer presentation. Alternating green and white stripes could be peeled down the sides using a vegetable peeler before slicing for an even fancier finish. I cheated and used bottled Greek dressing from Trader Joe’s which tasted great and has simple ingredients. I made this in under ten minutes (including slicing the vegetables!) and definitely plan to include it as the salad on my next menu.

(purple basil leaf)



Turkey Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Goat Cheese


This is a simple tapas-inspired snack that looks and tastes like it takes hours in the kitchen to prepare. Luckily for all of us date/bacon/goat cheese aficionados, it doesn’t. The melted goat cheese stuffing elevates the sweetness of the dates, which are balanced by the saltiness of the turkey bacon. Also, these travel well, we piled ours into a to-go container with a bottle of wine and brought to the park to see an outdoor local theater production of Spamalot. See the recipe here and pictures of the process below.

(loving this sweet La Bonne Vie goat cheese packaging)